Top 10 Safest Cities Of 2019

Cities have historically been sites of high levels of crime. Before Rudolph Giuliani transformed the city in the 1990s, New York was notorious for subway muggings, Central Park rapes and murders, and plenty of sex-inspired sleaziness in the Times Square area.

Whether you’re planning your next move or vacation, it pays to know how safe a city is. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) used 44 specific indicators to rate international cities. These included digital security, identity theft, online privacy and health security (environment, air and water quality), infrastructure safety and personal safety. The EIU also added expert opinions, interviews and reports from organizations like the World Health Organization to its database.

While the index lists 50 cities, here are the top 10 safest cities for 2019:

1. Tokyo

2. Singapore

3. Osaka

4. Stockholm

5. Amsterdam

6. Sydney

7. Zurich

8. Toronto

9. Melbourne

10. New York