Researchers Have Found Places In The Plane With The Highest Concentration Of Bacteria

US researchers find out places inside the plane where bacteria concentrations can threaten us with disease. In particular, the researchers recommend moving away from seats near the aisle, food tray, and handle services. Researchers say, “Eating from the plane’s folding food tray is like eating from a toilet.”

Planes are full of germs and viruses and now, a new study shows which areas are the most dirty and where it is better to not to sit, or at least disinfect well before getting in contact with them.

Dr. Charles Garba, a U.S. microbiologist at the University of Arizona, collected culture surfaces from the most common areas highest contact in more than 20 flights which includes seat samples in different areas of the plane, seat and service handles.

The research team had found that the seats on the aisle pass through more bacteria colonies than the middle or window seas. This is apparently because these seats come into contact with all the passengers passing through the plane.

The largest quantities of bacteria are found in the toilets, where stewards ‘ staff rarely clean and even then, bacterial colonies remain on the toilet door, toilet seat, handles, toilet and sink vacuum buttons. Dr. Garba recommends avoiding bathroom visits as much as possible, particularly if short flights are involved, and disinfecting hands after visiting them.

The pre-seat tray and magazine pocket are other areas that are most contaminated. The researchers found high levels of bacteria, some of which were highly resistant, such as the MRSA virus, as well as influenza viruses and virus that causes diarrhea and vomiting.

“Eating from the plane’s folding food tray is like eating from a toilet,” he said. “Trays are not disinfected between flights. In addition, magazine pockets are loaded with bacteria and viruses.” Dr. Garba recommends that the tray and magazine pocket should be disinfected immediately upon arrival at the designated seat and that the hands should be disinfected with alcohol after visiting the toilet and before meals.