Numerology Based On The Date Of Birth

Numerology is based on the meaning of numbers on the date of our birth. The numbers help us to understand events that occur in our lives and that we find no logical explanation for them. The numbers help us improve our lives and teach us about things we can and cannot change.

Numerology is based on different combinations of numbers. Each number have its meaning, which gives information about the personality. With this calculation, we will understand our abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Thus, we can reach a much greater awareness of ourselves and our relationship with others.

Calculation of date of birth according to numerology.

The main calculation is the number of fate. The number of fate consists of the combination of all the numbers appearing on the date of birth.

For example, a person born on 15/12/1980. We will combine all the numbers from which the date of birth is composed:
15 + 12 + 1980 = 9

The number of this person’s fate is 9.

Every fate number can be expressed in one way or another, depending on what the person does with the data he received. One of the important things is the degree of correspondence between the numbers and whether there is harmony or dissonance between them.

Numbers have energies that influence and create fate. A person does not choose his fate and there are situations that affect his entire life, and they can not always be rationally explained. Along with the numbers, a logical explanation can be found for situations and events in life. Understanding the method can give a sense of order in chaos. According to the combination, it is possible to reach an understanding and know what needs to be done to improve life.

Each person has a number with which he was born, and they lead him to choose a certain way of life. The numbers can indicate the way we succeed and the way it may have failed. Awareness of the power of your number on the date of birth will allow predicting situations that will occur in a person’s life.