It’s One Of The Strangest And Best Computer Mice I Have Ever Encountered

Developers, designers and anyone who spends too much time in front of the computer: Logitech has a vertical mouse that looks terrible, but on the other hand it is one of the most convenient we encountered

In a world that literally “worship” mobile, tablets, hand gestures in the air and AR, I always have a place of respect for the good old mouse. But while most of us use mice that come in a package deal with the keyboard, occasionally comes a novelty that tries to challenge the field. Such is the MX Vertical, the new member of Logitech’s prestigious line of mice.

As you can see from its name, the new mouse boasts a very strange vertical design and use. But what are the advantages of this design, what are the disadvantages and will you get used to this design?

Smooth operation

The MX Vertical enjoys an up-to-date design that reminds us of a futuristic clamshell, an advanced joystick or just a standard mouse placed on its side. Its upper part, where you place your hand, is coated with a rigid rubber surface with a “rib” shaped structure.

Beyond the unique design issue, it is a combination of material and design that actually contribute to the good grip of the mouse – the mouse sits well in our hand even when the hand is sweating or wet.

At the top of the mouse is a button that can be customized – according to your needs – with the Logitech Options app – the installation file weigh 150MB (what?!, why?!) In addition, the app also seems to be trying to create a Logitech account, but if you try, you can find the option to avoid it.

On its right side is the standard buttons and the pulley that we know from other mice. The pulley is pressed, but it has one rotation mode rather than an infinite rotation. This is in contrast to the endless scrolling we liked in Mx Master 2S, for example.

Also found in the upper part of the mouse are a pair of buttons that will be used in the browser for “forward” and “back”. Unfortunately, the placement of the buttons made them less useful to me.

Each time I wanted to click on one of them, I needed some pressure from the opposite direction – and in the opposite direction I had the right mouse and right button of the mouse – which often caused me to click wrongly.

Front end – surprise surprise – USB-C charging connection. What this means is that you can charge it with any smartphone charger from the last few years. In addition, the connection can be used to connect wires to the computer. Apart from the wired connection, you can also use standard radio or Bluetooth connectivity.

Although it is much more equipped with a standard mouse, you will not find features and buttons that you will find in other mice in the MX series – such as a side wheel or touchpad. Another thing you will not find in it – and that’s a pity – because it’s a premium mouse – is Logitech’s cool Darkfield Laser technology that lets you use it on glossy surfaces like glass or mirrors. So, do not hurry to throw away your mouse pad.

A nice advantage of the Mx Vertical is that you can control it with 3 different devices. The transition between the various instruments is done by a tiny button at its bottom. With the cool Flow feature you can also switch between different screens of different devices simply by moving the mouse.

Ergonomic design

Of course, the biggest feature of the mouse is its ergonomic nature. If you sit for days at a computer and a mouse, you probably know the pain in your wrist, elbow, or shoulder.

The main goal of the MX Vertical is to prevent what is known as the “Tunnel Syndrome” ie, tingling and pain in the wrist – caused, among other things, by our hand position on the mouse. Because the normal mice are flat, our palm is directly above them, which causes the pressure of the wrist bones on the nerves between them – which can cause pain and tenderness to the shoulder, tingling, weakness in the thumb muscles, and a feeling of numbness in the fingers. The MX Vertical on the other hand requires the hand to be positioned at a 57 degree angle – which according to Logitech is the most optimal to prevent the pressure on the tissues and tendons.

As a result you do not have to move the whole hand. The hand is always placed forward in the natural position ie something like a “handshake” and movement is done by minimizing the movement of the wrist.

It takes time to get used to it, but it’s worth it

It will take you a while to get used to a vertical mouse. How long – it’s up to you, but the differences arise from both the mouse’s special grip and the control movements. I got used to the mouse pretty quickly – about an hour more or less – and it’s hard for me to get used to a regular mouse again, but on the other hand, one of our developers here in WhatIsWorld who got it to experiment – returned it to me after an hour because it was “enough for him.”

But it’s not just the grip. Another difference from ordinary mice is the range of movements. We usually control a mouse with relatively wide movements.

Think about the average size of a mouse pad. In MX Vertical control is done with minimal sliding of the palm that embraces the mouse.

That is, if we had to create a special mouse pad, let’s say that a quarter of the area of ​​the normal mouse pad can be satisfied. The mouse supports sensitivity between 400 and 4000 DPI, and Logitech even claims that we can move the hand about a quarter of what we used to move earlier.

That’s right, I moved my hand less, but on the other hand, my impression is that it is less accurate as a result, and I had more false clicks – that is, clicks elsewhere on the screen from where I planned.

As mentioned, another difference is that the base of your hand movement is in your wrist rather than your shoulder or elbow. As a result, we did not feel congestion or pain in the shoulder and elbow – which is the biggest advantage of the mouse.

Battery time

I use the mouse for about two months and although it did not arrive fully loaded – I still did not need to charge. Logitech boasts a 240mAh battery with an operating time of over 4 months, but even if you need to charge earlier, the mouse supports fast charging so that only one minute of charging will give you 3 hours of operation.

One of the strangest … and the best

The Mx Vertical is one of the most comfortable mice I’ve ever encountered. It takes time to get used to it, and because of its size it is less suitable for traveling, but if you suffer from pesky pain due to working with your mouse – consider these disadvantages as nothing.

Unless you are left-handed of course, then the mouse is really not for you. My sense is that it’s also less suitable for gamers, who need to cast every possible button in the mouse. But if you, for example, developers who are used to working with keyboard shortcuts for example, this mouse got everything you need.

Although there are a number of “vertical mice” on the market, some of them are even cheaper, but it appears that Logitech is compensating for the quality of materials, the construction and finishing of the mouse and the various components such as the precise pulley and the customizable buttons.

If you get used to its dimensions and challenging form, it will be one of the most comfortable mice you will use.