How to Keep Your Computer Running for Years

Replacing a computer can be an expensive, time-consuming and annoying hassle. Spare yourself all the trouble of shopping for a new computer by keeping the one you already own in tip top shape. Here are some easy to use ideas for making sure you make you computer last as long as possible.

Stay Healthy: The internet is great, but any computer connected to it needs to have some kind of protection or else you run the risk of being exposed to viruses, trojans, spyware, malware, and phishing scams. These problems not only have the potential to harm your computer: your identity and sensitive personal data are all at risk as well. Protect yourself and your computer by installing both a good antivirus program and some spyware detection software.

Dirty Work: An important part of keeping your computer running for as long as possible is making sure it stays clean. Computers that are full of dust and grit tend to overheat, especially when the computer’s fans get clogged. When your computer gets too hot, your motherboard fries. This is a total failure state you want to avoid. Make sure you physically get inside your computer from time to time and clean out anything that has built up in there.

Junk Files: One of the first things you can do when you buy a new computer is to uninstall all of the junk files or bloatware that has come packaged with it. These programs tend to never be useful and slow down your computer’s performance. Over time, they will seriously affect your computer’s ability to run well. Take off any programs you know you will never use as soon as you see them. You should also uninstall any programs that you may have installed yourself but that you don’t use anymore.

Power Protection: Problems with the electricity source you’re plugged into can severely affect your computer. Blackouts, brownouts and power surges can all cause damage to a computer, maybe even destroy it. Never plug your computer into a socket without using a surge protector. You may also want to have your computer hooked up to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), this way if the power ever cuts out, your computer won’t lose any data or functionality.

Stay Updated: Updates are essential for running your computer’s hardware and software after their initial release. Errors and vulnerabilities are constantly being addressed by updates that contain fixes to these problems. You should always click “Install” whenever a program says that it’s time for you to update your computer. Though sometimes updates come with bugs of their own, the risk of going without fixes for known problems far outweighs the chance that an update might be glitchy.

Follow these steps, and your computer will be running as fast as it did when you ripped it out of it’s brand new box.