Health Benefits Of Wines


What are the effects of white wine in our lungs and how does red wine affect our heart? Is alcohol good for health? What is the connection between alcohol and liver damage and road accidents? Wine also has a health value and may vary depending on the type and variety.

Wine is good for the heart.

Red wine may be good to the heart, but white wine has the positive impact on the lungs according to American researchers at the annual conference of the American Thoracic Society.

“This was the first study to identify the different effects of white and red wines ,” said Prof. Holger Schoenmann of Buffalo University in New York. “Other studies of wines have traditionally focused on red wines, simply because they are more popular in Europe where most studies have been done, so it is easier for them to test this wine. These studies have shown that drinking a glass of up to three glasses of red wine is beneficial to the cardiovascular system,” he said.

Schoenman and his colleagues studied 1,555 men and women living in New York State. They asked everyone about their lifestyle, menu, and their drinking habits. They wanted to know what the respondents preferred to drink (wine, beer, hard alcohol or soft drinks), how much they drank throughout their lives (every decade) and how much alcohol they drank last month.

The researchers also measured lung function, which can serve as markers for overall health, because it has been shown that lung function is also a very good predictor of heart disease. The researchers found that drinking white wine is closely associated with better lung function. On the other hand, red wine also has a positive effect on breathing ability, but its effect was “slightly weaker”.

So how much should you drink?

“One cup of wine improves lung function by 1.5 percent and adds one to two years to life expectancy,” the authors write. Three cups a day improves lung function by 3 percent. According to this measurement, six glasses of wine per day may improve lung function by 4 percent. “Other studies have shown that the more wine you drink, the greater the effect,” the researchers said, adding that “drinking alcohol also has all kinds of harmful effects.”

What is the difference between someone who drinks white wine and those who prefer beer?

Prof. Schoenman also took into account the smoking habits of each patient.”It is also expected that those who drink white wine also maintain healthier habits, such as a healthier diet and less smoking than those who drink only beer or alcoholic beverages. Drink white wine,” he said.

Prof. Schoenman speculates that white wine have higher levels of antioxidant vitamins in the blood. According to him, grape juice may have the same effect. However, despite being loaded with vitamins, it will not affect the same way. “There are different processes in the preparation of the wine that cause the addition of antioxidants, and we assume that they are responsible for the positive effect on lung function,” Schoenman said.

So should you start drinking on the basis of the above recommendation?

In another study, drinking alcohol has a beneficial effect over time, only if you start the practice in your teens and not in later years.

Drinking alcohol can also lead to addiction. You can start with one shot and may end with a bottle or two per day. Alcohol affects alertness, and we read every Sunday in the paper about car accidents that killed young people returning from a weekend outing. In almost all cases, the cause of the accident was “the influence of alcohol”.

Over time, alcohol affects the liver. Hospitals in countries the population drink large quantities are full of patients waiting for a liver transplant. Additionally, alcohol causes the thickening of the heart muscle. It also damages the brain and causes dementia.

Alcohol is harmful to fetuses, and there is a syndrome typical of babies born to healthy mothers, which includes brain damage and damage to the baby’s internal organs. Therefore, the pros and cons of drinking wine must be considered carefully. Those who are able to control drinking may enjoy the wine. Anyone who is at risk of becoming addicted should get away from it as much as possible.