Different design, Different Direction: This Is What The New Facebook Will Look Like

At the opening event of Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, the company unveiled its new vision and all the major changes that are about to reach the most popular applications in the world

“The future is private,” Mark Zuckerberg began the opening event of the F8 Developer’s Conference. Zuckerberg himself testified: “I know we do not have the best reputation for privacy at the moment,” almost jokingly, but he announced that he and the company are committed to their new vision that is supposed to change everything that we know about Facebook, Messenger and almost all the rest of the company’s services.

New Facebook: Greater emphasis on communities

First of all, Facebook is getting a facelift in the form of a white interface and much less loaded (with the possibility of Dark Mode, Thank God), and more or less kills the news feed as we know it, and creates a new feed under the name “FB5” that will focus mainly on groups and events.

The redesigned app will not only focus on communities but will help you find news, claiming groups are just as important for Facebook users than communicating with your friends or favorite pages. A new group tab will join the app and let you see all of your group updates in one convenient place.

You probably know the feeling when you’re scrolling in your feed, going out of the app for a moment and suddenly the whole thing changed? So finally Facebook will allow you to keep your place in the feed, so you can continue scrolling from where you stopped.

The new design of Facebook has already reached the United States and Canada, and will spread to the rest of the world until the end of the first half of 2019, that is very soon. Facebook’s main site will also get a new design over the next few months, so if you’re people who do not like changes, it’s not your day.

Facebook Messenger: Want to become the world’s best messaging app

Facebook’s messaging application is quite popular, but it still can not make waves like Whatsapp. So Facebook understood that focus is the name of the game, and made the app much more focused on communication between friends, than the mess it is today.

Messenger’s second tab will actually become a kind of a hub where you can communicate with your close friends who are not only in Messenger, but also in Whatsapp and Instagram. Which probably marks the end of the separation period between your Whatsapp account and your Facebook account.

Messenger will become encrypted from end to end as a default, so you do not have to open “Secret Chat” when you want to encrypt messages. Facebook also improved the app behind the scenes, reducing its volume on iOS devices to about 30 megabytes (20% of its current volume)

Finally, Facebook announced that it will release Messenger’s desktop applications to PC and Mac, so you do not have to leave a Facebook open tab just to see if you have any new notifications from Messenger.

Meet New Friends: Get to know more people on Facebook

Facebook believes that you use Facebook not only to communicate with your existing friends but also to find new friends, and their new pager is supposed to help you do it. MNW is a feature that is optional and not enabled by default, allowing you to flag interests and find new friends you have in common with the communities you are friends with.

Instagram: A completely new design for the camera

In addition to a new design and a lot more clean and modern, a new area called Create will be added, which you should use when you have something to say or want to share, but you do not have a photo or video to attach. So you can actually use almost all the features of Instagram, such as surveys, stickers and more, in a simple way and without adding more content.

In addition, Instagram is currently examining the possibility of completely removing the number of likes the image receives, so that in your feed you can only see which of your friends liked it, but not more than that. If you like, you can change the setting to your profile and see the likes that have accumulated for each image. If the experiment succeeds, Instagram will extend this default to more users.

Portal: How much do you trust on Facebook?

Facebook continues its bet on Portal, the smart speaker with its camera, and brings video and audio calls from the new Whatsapp and Messenger, so all conversations will be encrypted from end to end. Facebook will also expand its smart speaker sales to other countries in the world to try to make it a hit.

Will Facebook save the VR world?

Facebook has finally made progress in the VR, announcing Oculus Rift S with improvements to resolution and better surveillance cameras. But more importantly, Facebook introduced Oculus Quest, an independent VR package, cable-free and completely wireless.

That is, you can be completely free and use it wherever you want, without having to connect to anything. To do this, Oculus uses the cameras and sensors on the reflector to quickly and real-time map the area where you use the device.

The map, if you have wondered, is stored locally only and does not upload to the network in any way.

Both VRs are available for pre-order for $399 and will reach first customers on May 21.

Dating: Making friends & Dating friends

Last year, Facebook introduced its new dating feature, Facebook Dating, and it continues with all its might to other countries plus, they have added a strange feature called Secret Crush that might allow you to get out of the Friendzone: Add the friends and girlfriends you want to go out with on a secret list, and if they add you to your secret list, both of you will know about it.