Car Insurance Discount For Women

It is easy for men to be cynical about women’s driving abilities but the statistics point to a completely different reality. In every five car accidents, only one will involve a woman. With regard to fatal road accidents, the percentage is even smaller which is only around 10%. What is the effect of all of these on buying car insurance for women?

Women are more cautious.

Beyond the statistics on road accidents, the belief is that women drive without ego. They remain calm with drivers who bypass them and do not try to reach impressive vehicle speeds. This reduces the chance of a car accident and maintenance of the vehicle.

On the same principle, there are quite a number of women who maintain their composition impressively, and are meticulous in maintaining it. Women consume alcohol in smaller amounts than men, and usually do the same during the day. These ultimately affect insurance simply because they reduce the chances of maintaining it.

The characteristics of car insurance for women.

The first point to make clear is that the different policies are the same, no matter who sits behind the wheel. Compulsory insurance is required for every driver in Israel and is intended to provide compensation for injuries in the event of an accident. Comprehensive insurance insures the car in case of physical injuries, while third party insurance relates to physical injuries on the other driver during a car accident.

Women behave more subtly. This is reflected in the motor insurance policies offered to them or at least in terms of their price. According to estimates, the price of each type of insurance mentioned is 5-10% lower for women. When you look at the annual amount required for the insurance, you understand that these percentages may be translated into hundreds of shekels a year, if not more.

Who is entitled to a discount?

In addition, the receipt of the discount for women in car insurance policies is contingent on the fulfillment of several conditions, with the centers being proof that the policyholder is indeed the driver of the unit or at least the principal of the insured vehicle. It has recently been decided that young women with clean driving records, will be entitled to such a discount.

Another important point is that many believe that a woman’s ability to accept even greater discounts than those offered. Even if it is difficult to find empirical evidence, it is common to think that women who bargain with insurance companies and emphasize the fact that they have not made insurance claims in recent years can receive insurance under conditions that were not offered to men.

Complementary services for women.

We noted earlier that there is no difference in the practical definition of car insurance policy for both men and women. Still, it should be noted that the various insurance companies are certainly entitled to offer a host of additional services for women who purchase car insurance. These can be discount cards, vouchers for purchasing different products and more standard services such as tire repair service, annual test transfer, taking the car for garage treatments and so on.

That way, you get discounted insurance.

For women who want to purchase car insurance at a reduced rate, it is not always enough to say that they are women. In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinsurance, there are huge price gaps between the various insurance companies for both men and women. It is very desirable that any woman who wants to purchase insurance will make a comprehensive comparison of prices with the various companies, and will choose the most suitable and appropriate policy for her needs.