Babies Born With Deep Pockets – Kids Of Rich And Popular Celebrities

Children born to celebrities enjoy a lavish life. They probably have no worries about saving because they are never out of cash. Thanks to their rich and famous parents who have established their net worth in millions, and sometimes billions of dollars. These kids were born with a silver spoon in their mouth! On the flip side, these kids are always under the eyes of the media. The media is always enthusiastic to click their pictures, even when all they could be doing is riding swings just like other normal children! Yet, media is a part of their childhood, and subsequently, their life. All their actions are judged by the media. Take a look at these celebrity kids and their lavish lifestyle.

1. The Royals

Our Prince ‘Charming’ George, sweet little Princess Charlotte and the newest member Prince Louis, being born in one of the wealthiest and powerful royal families, are already worth billions! Princess Charlotte is worth $5 billion and Prince George is worth $3.6 billion. Prince Louis too is generating millions for the Royal Family. Well, that’s quite a number of Billion Dollar Babies!

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