20 Psychological Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Even if you don’t realise it, psychology is a vital part of your daily life. You may not be into therapy, but psychology surrounds your interactions with people, objects – everything, more than you may know.

When you go for a job that you’re interested in, for example, you utilise psychology to promote confidence – even if it’s faked – and to read what your prospective employer wants you to act like to convince that you’re the one for the job. You also change your looks when you get your haircut to try and alter the way that people read you – for example, short hair may convey that you’re more edgy, while letting it grow longer shows you’re more carefree.

But that’s just the beginning! Below are more ways how you can use psychology in your everyday life and how you can make your life better using it!


If you’re in a situation such as a presentation or a job interview, where you need to show you’re confident, or you just want to boost yourself up, then do your best impression of a superhero. Perhaps lose the cape. Pull your shoulders back, stand up straight, have your legs wider apart than normal, puff out your chest and stand with your hands on your hips. This will make an immediate difference.

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