11 Amazing Inventions Of 2019

We all enjoy ordering products and gadgets that will improve, enhance and make our lifestyle easier, with most of them exposed to us only in recent years. Now that 2018 has ended and 2019 is in its lovely spring, we have decided to collect and present the 11 inventions that have been released in the past year and have changed the lives of millions of people around the world. Take a few minutes and prepare yourself to be impressed by the respectable list below – you may choose one of the following products to serve you soon.

1. Heartguard

For people with various heart conditions, monitoring heart rate and pulse with monitors can warn them or help doctors track the various symptoms.

But in order to use these monitors that most of us know we are needed to get to the hospital and use a large, cumbersome machine – that is until now.

Abbott created its innovative solution – a subcutaneous monitor that synchronizes with your mobile phone, records your heart data and can even transmit it to medical professionals in real time.

2. The new compass

We are all afraid not to find a friend or a child at large events or to lose someone close during a field trip, on the beach, or on vacation.

LynQ invented the new compass, which combines GPS technology and long-range radio frequencies that allow it to receive other compasses of its kind up to a range of about 5 kilometers. In addition, parents or pet owners can set up a “warning zone” when the child or favorite animal leaves the predefined area.

3. Flying suit

There is no one who would not want to experience the flight experience from the bird’s point of view, and now thanks to Gravity Industries and at a symbolic price of $ 400,000, you will also be able to be birds for a moment.

This English company has developed a flying suit that includes five small motors that give it 1,050 horsepower and a maximum speed of up to 80 km/h.

4. Bright Helmet

Riding a bike is dangerous if you do not wear all the protective gear, and of course a helmet on top of it, and when it’s dark outside, riding becomes even more dangerous.

To this end, at Lumos, they came up with an ingenious invention of a helmet equipped with dozens of LED lights that not only increased the visibility of the cyclists, but also allowed the rider to signal and mark emergency calls, stops, etc., similar to car lighting.

5. Innovative alarm clock

At Philips, the company decided to provide a new and refreshing awakening experience to many people around the world by producing a device that simulates natural sunrise each morning, combined with relaxing music that grows according to Somneo lighting.

In addition, the device can also simulate sunset by dimming the lights so that even the experience of falling asleep changes her face.

6. Heater mixer

One of the most useful ingredients in baking many desserts is butter, which in most recipes is required to be melted, but to the extent – not an easy task and a lot of people fail it. To this end, the Oster company invented the manual mixer that can heat the butter to an appropriate temperature during mixing, which will make it easier for all users.

7. An invisible hearing aid

Millions of people around the world suffer from hearing loss at various levels, and while many benefit from hearing aids, some refuse to use them for aesthetic or embarrassing reasons.

For this purpose, Eargo decided to develop a hearing aid that is inserted into the ear and not seen from outside, so that it improves the quality and quality of the hearing while not clumsy or unpleasant to the eye.

8. Eyeglasses for the blind

For blind people, everyday tasks such as shopping at the supermarket, running a washing machine, etc. become very difficult challenges, and lack of orientation in space is what makes them very difficult.

For this purpose, Aira decided to invent blind eyeglasses – by putting them on their eyes and using the applet on their smartphone – many blind people can “ask” the eyes of people who work and volunteer to help them with their daily tasks.

9. A Bracelet that fixes bad habits

Some of us are scratching obsessively, pulling our hair from different places, biting our fingernails or even sucking our fingers, all without our noticing.

All these are a wide variety of indecent habits that are worth stopping, so decide in the company of HabitAware to invent a smart bracelet that will identify the movement that accompanies your bad habit and sends a vibration to your hand so that you pay attention to your actions and choose another.

10. Hair clip

We all know the phenomenon in which we shower, wash dishes or brush our teeth, and the water refuses to come down.

Most of the time the reason for this is the accumulation of hair in the drainage hole that blocks the transition and for this we are required to open the fillings with iron spring, plunger and other methods and equally disgusting.

Therefore, TubShroom invented the replacement of the ingenious drain that collects the washed hair and can be removed and removed from the hair caught on it and then returned to the place.

11. Lactation supportive bottle

We are all familiar with the cylindrical and problematic breast-feeding bottles, in terms of equal heating of the milk and the confusion of the nursing baby.

To this end, the Israeli company Nanobebe decided to invent a new design for the breastfeeding bottleĀ  – a geometric patent that significantly improves the process of feeding the baby in breast milk with a special bottle that preserves the nutritional value of the milk and allows the infant a breastfeeding experience as close as possible to direct breastfeeding.